Re: [asa] Expelled and ID

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Fri Apr 25 2008 - 09:42:11 EDT


> It would be very interesting for us to discover whether
> methodological naturalism was invented in the twentieth century, or
> whether it has roots further back in history and was merely
> borrowed. I could be wrong in claiming it to have been invented by
> (De Vries?) at Wheaton. It's just that I haven't gotten around to
> discovering any earlier source. As I remember it, Poe claimed
> the De Vries paper was the very first published anywhere.

The term was first brought into popular use by Paul DeVries in 1986.
However, it was used earlier by Edgar Brightman, another Christian
philosopher, in 1937. There is no evidence that DeVries was aware
of the earlier use.

However, the understanding that scientific methodology confines
itself to cause-and-effect natural processes has been around since
the rise of modern science. Ted Davis has addressed this on a couple
of occasions. They were only coining a term to describe what science


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