Re: [asa] Expelled and ID

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Wed Apr 23 2008 - 20:47:52 EDT

This, btw, is a similar argument to the one linking cosmological evolution and biological evolution, which people like Dobzhansky and Teilhard de Chardin made and which TE/EC has embraced. Dobzhansky of course adds a third category in 'cultural evolution' - cosmological, biological cultural - noting that in the biological realm, evolution was last discovered (i.e. historically). One could argue that Dobzhansky linking, rather than carefully distiguishing, cosmological, biological and cultural 'evolution' was due to his religion (Eastern Christian Orthodoxy), (integrative) style and emphasis, i.e. that it was clearly NOT due to 'the scientific method.'

David Opderbeck <> wrote:
  I really enjoy Stephen Barr's work and he's a very interesting guy. Query though: is cosmological design really not a form of "ID"? It seems to me that many people who find cosmological design arguments potentially helpful are put off of biological design arguments because of the overstatement, politicization, etc. of the "ID movement" -- myself included. So making a distinction between cosmological and biological ID is almost more of a necessary difference in politics, style, and emphasis.

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