Re: [asa] Expelled and ID (ASA annual mtg.)

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Wed Apr 23 2008 - 19:06:59 EDT

As I understand it, the situation was more complex than that. Sternberg
did send the paper out to review but the reviewers were chosen by
Sternberg from a non-standard set -- avoiding members of the editorial
board. In my view that is smuggling. (Yes, the topic of the paper was
also non-standard.)
Don N

Dennis Venema wrote:
> Meyer's paper was handled by Sternberg alone, and the paper was a marked
> departure from the style of papers the journal normally published (it would
> have been odd even if it hadn't espoused ID).
> Also, why did Sternberg wait until the end of his editorship to publish it?
> Seems he knew he would catch heck for it.
> dv
> On 4/23/08 3:02 PM, "Donald F Calbreath" <> wrote:
>> As I recall, Meyer's paper underwent normal peer-review before appearing in
>> print. Hardly smuggling, wouldn't you say?
>> Don
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>> There was a panel discussion on ID at the Messiah meeting in 2005. Two
>> notable features of it were:
>> 1) The organizer deliberately excluded ant specifically theological
>> critiuque of ID.
>> 2) Dembski said irenically in the course of the discussion that he didn't
>> think that it was necessary to rule out theistic evolution. His performance
>> since then gioves good reason to wonder how sincere he was about that.
>> ID is a failed research program both scientifically and theologically. It
>> has failed every attempt to make any positive contribution in either area &
>> its attempt to give itself some credibility by such devices as smuggling
>> Meyer's term paper into a peer-reviewed journal shows how pitiful it really
>> is.
>> Shalom
>> George

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