Re: [asa] (fruit flies???) A Message from the RTB Scholar Team

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 20:40:12 EDT

Bernie wrote:

> I believe that evolution happened but here’s my stumbling block.
> Since nature does evolution with mutation (chance) and natural
> selection, we should be able to considerably “speed things up” by
> applying intelligence in a lab situation.

We do speed it up, its called artificial selection. New species have
been generated by artificial selection. The rapidity with which
artificial selection has generated the diversity of domesticated
animals and plants has demonstrated how quickly selection plus
mutation-generated genetic change can generate observable phenotypic

Again, there is no debate about the reality of speciation. Even
young Earth creationists do not deny it -- although it is often
dismissed as only variation within a completely undefined (and
undefinable) "kind."


Keith B. Miller
Research Assistant Professor
Dept of Geology, Kansas State University
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