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Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 17:09:48 EDT

On 4/21/08, Mountainwoman <> wrote:
> Burgy,
> Thank you for your response and the reference to the article. You're the
> first responder who actually answered my question. I had written the
> question as a statement in an email to the YEC-oriented senior pastor of the
> Baptist church that my wife and I belong to, and then began to have doubts
> as to whether it was correct, hence to email to the ASA listserv.
> What prompted the email to our pastor in the first place was his
> enthusiastic promotion of Ben Stein's "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed."
> I was trying, without success, to tell him that the movie was fighting the
> wrong battle and was not the good evangelism tool that he seemed to think it
> was. Hopefully, something good will come out of it.
> Thanks again,
> Paul Bruggink

Thanks. I hope you read my article. What I told Phil Johnson eleven
years ago was that ID had to stand or fall on its capability to
actually further the reach of science, preferably by either falsifying
some current well-accepted theory or ((better) by suggesting some new
research directions, directions which were unlikely to be suggested by
methodological naturalism. Johnson, of course, both then and now
conflates methodological naturalism with philosophical naturalism;
that leads the ID crowd down (I think) the wrong path.

I ran across the ID concept first of all on the Thaxton-Bradley book
THEORIES OF LIFE'S ORIGINS (I may have the title wrong) published in
the late 1980s -- as I remember by the Philosophical Press. As a
philosophy, it was very intriguing. When I attended the Austin
conference in 1997 (several other ASAers were there) I was of a
mindset to be convinced. I left unconvinced, partially influenced by
the agenda of Johnson. I wished him well -- indeed I held a hope then
that he might be successful. I've read his ensuing books; they have
not modified my views.

Part of me still wishes the ID movement to "come up with something."
My rational mind, however, tells me that is a vanishing hope. About
once a year I reread YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL. When I do I see ID's god
as also "too small."



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