RE: [asa] Proposed Revision of Genesis 1-11 in the KJV

From: <>
Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 16:45:08 EDT

Quoting Dick Fischer <>:

> I'm only trying to show by all that I have done that there is historical
> integrity in the early chapters of Genesis. Conservative and liberal
> Christians alike have ignored the historical underpinnings of these
> chapters. The success of this method of apology based upon history
> would further undercut the YEC position that purports to take Genesis
> literally. They don't. They treat the Bible just as callously as they
> treat science. On the other side, it should push liberal theologians to
> reassess their criticisms of the OT and take it more seriously, even
> literally.
Thanks for your thoughtful responses. I've one more question: If you could
pick at least one "classic favorite" example of how YECs fail to read early
Genesis literally, what would that be? I thought they prided themselves in
doing just that.


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