[asa] Resurrection of the Shroud?

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Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 14:27:05 EDT

Is anybody here familiar with the book "Resurrection of the Shroud: New Scientific, Medical, and Archaeological Evidence" by Mark Antonacci (2000)?? ? If I used the search facility correctly, it does not appear to have been reviewed in PSCF.

This book has become popular among some in my church who are into evidentialist apologetics.? As I understand it, the author is a lawyer, not an expert in any of the fields of his subtitle, which is a red flag.?

I remember reading the article in Nature in about 1989 where?an international team of experts?did a careful?radiocarbon dating study?and seemed to?show quite clearly?that this relic was manufactured around 1300-1400 and therefore was a medieval forgery (as the church originally said when it appeared).? I thought that was the final nail in the coffin.? But this guy seems to be claiming to have discredited the radiocarbon dating, along with making?a variety of other scientific (or pseudoscientific) arguments that make a case which seems convincing to my non-scientific friends who have read it.
Of course I have to wonder if it rates with other books that make a "convincing" case to the non-scientist, like "Worlds in Collision" or "Chariots of the Gods" or various "creationist" books.

So, I would be interested in any evaluation of this book by someone (preferably from a Christian perspective) with expertise in the relevant science.? Particularly in the radiocarbon aspect, where I find it hard to believe that a result that looked so conclusive in 1989 would have been discredited by 2000.

Allan Harvey, ASA Member

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