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Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 12:28:18 EDT

The mounds at Nineveh are ancient. Why would the Assyrians or any
succeeding Arab populations have an incentive to perpetuate a Jewish
"myth"? I don't think Mosul is any big tourist attraction.
Dick Fischer, author, lecturer
Historical Genesis from Adam to Abraham
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This will be my last comment on this thread & on a quite minor point at
that, but it's one that shows how uncritical Dick is about evaluating
putative evidence that supports his views. There's a mound in Nineveh
named for Jonah so the Book of Jonah is historically accurate! Maybe -
but maybe pious Jews, or Christians, or Muslims connected that mound in
Nineveh with Jonah because they believed that he'd been there. That
kind of thing has happened in many different cultures at different
times. Without something like the discovery of remains in the mound
that can be dated around the time of Jonah & something like DNA evidence
that links the remains to ancient Israelites, the evidential value of
this mound is pretty close to zero. Ditto for "the mound of
I pointed this out once before here & got no response from Dick. Is
anyone surprised?
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Hi John:
They were Semites from Asshur, Noah's grandson. See Gen.10:11. There
are two crumbling mounds in Mosul today. One is called the "mound of
repentence." The other is for the "nebi yonas" (prophet Jonah). So I
guess he did his job. There is a mosque there supposedly built over his
burial site.
Dick Fischer, president
Genesis Proclaimed Association
Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History <>
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And why did God send Jonah to Nineveh to preach repentance then if they
weren't able to be saved?
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Dick Fischer wrote:
As to your comment: "it's equally obvious that from the start they
envision all of humanity as being included in God's creative & (toward
the end, prophetically) salvific purposes." Well, no George, that is
not at all obvious as it wasn't even obvious to Jesus' disciples.
Beyond their own proselytes I see no evidence in the OT that the Jews
themselves believed any outside the twelve tribes were worthy or
eligible for God's kingdom. Only by contorting the text in Genesis 1
can you get gentiles under the umbrella. In fact, the NRSV did exactly
Granted --the disciples even of Jesus' day (& even in early church
after) found this one a hard one to swallow. But 'no evidence in the
OT'!!?? When I'm reading the O.T., I often run across verses that stick
out because of their seeming exceptionality. E.g. --giving your enemy
food & water if he's thirsty---then do the double take when you realize
you're reading Proverbs. So Jesus didn't just invent the concept! So
it is with salvation for the nations, Dick. Just a quick search for the
phrase 'all nations' in my Bible software got 18 hits, 17 of them in the
O.T. And some of those were announcing judgment, of course, but many
of them were announcing the ultimate blessing to 'all nations'. Ps.
86:9 and Isa. 2:2 are two particularly representative examples (pasted
in below), but I could find others by doing a more proper search. Do
you write these passages off as the exceptions that prove the rule? Or
do you dispute the translations? And speaking of the proposed 'rule',
what would you cite as the major passages indicating that other nations
are forever excluded from the Kingdom of God?


Psalms 86:9 All nations you have made will come and worship before you,
Lord. They shall glorify your name.

Isaiah 2:2 It shall happen in the latter days, that the mountain of
Yahweh's house shall be established on the top of the mountains, And
shall be raised above the hills; And all nations shall flow to it.

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