RE: [asa] Proposed Revision of Genesis 1-11 in the KJV

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Mon Apr 21 2008 - 11:35:53 EDT

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Dick Fischer, author, lecturer
Historical Genesis from Adam to Abraham
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Hi Dick,
"Anybody who would like to offer something is free to do so. "
Anybody? :) [Your link did not work for me, btw.] I humbly admit to not
being a scholar in these matters.
Considering today's amazing astronomy imaging, which is staring at us in
the face, I can see no reason not to add this new knowledge into the
context of any literal interpretaion, at least consider its potential
impact upon the text. To actually see protoplanets (e.g. in AB Aurigae)
appear without form and void should stir considerable interest.

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