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Are you yet not able to appreciate that, to be of any value, the matter of correctly reading the Hebrew of Genesis 1-11 _must_ now accomodate the elements of supernatural ID that are manifested in the _first_ of the Bible's 31,102 verses? Surely, anything which causes eminent scientists and Christians to stop their ears and shut their eyes must be pretty potent - potentially paradigm-changing, even ! - and, of course, this may explain your reluctance to engage with them.
Notwithstanding, unless and until you are able to incorporate these phenomena into ' New Genesis Proclaimed ', all other notions of yours, clearly, must fall short of the mark.


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  Our organization, Genesis Proclaimed Association, is making an effort to bring Genesis 1-11 in the KJV into the 21st century. We are not tying to change the essence, or the tone, or the majesty of the narrative. This is simply an attempt to give the original translators the benefit of the knowledge that has been obtained over the last 400 years in the areas of geology, anthropology, and the history of the ancient Near East. On our web page is a proposed revision available for comments, criticisms, laments, etc.


  Anybody who would like to offer something is free to do so. After we have accumulated as much feedback as possible over the next few months we will drop the word "proposed."




  Dick Fischer. author, lecturer

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