RE: [asa] Expelled and ID

From: Dehler, Bernie <>
Date: Sat Apr 19 2008 - 18:39:13 EDT

ID is saying it is "science" so it can be more serious. To make it
science, you have to bear on scientific things, such as math
(statistics) and biology. So they are appealing to the hard sciences to
bring it into the scientific realm.


However, they have no scientific hypothesis. "God made it" is not a
hypothesis, since it can't be tested. By definition, the scientific
method requires a hypothesis that can be tested. You also can't test
evolution per "origin of life," but there are other parts of evolution
which are testable... ID has nothing testable. They think by disproving
known naturalistic methods, God is then the default answer-but it isn't.



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Subject: [asa] Expelled and ID


Having just seen Ben Stein's "Expelled," one thought that occurred to me
is the following:


Is Intelligent Design a modern incarnation of the classic teleological
argument for the existence of God and therefore belongs in the
philosophy and/or theology departments of universities rather than in
the science departments?


Paul Bruggink (ASA Member)

Clarington, PA

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