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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Fri Apr 18 2008 - 12:52:48 EDT

RTB, along with some other advocates of antievolutionary claims, has
stated that it's impossible for one species to arise from another
species without miraculous intervention. Several examples of new
species being formed in lab and in the wild are known, so it's not a
tenable position for anyone knowledgeable in the relevant aspects of
biology, and even some young earthers accept more extensive evolution
(not to mention folks like Behe). Thus, it's fairly clear that the
biological aspects are the focus of the present discussion.

However, in a way Gregory does have a point-much antievolutionary
material (apparently including Expelled) and paraevolutionary material
(to coin a term for stuff like Dawkins', Marx's, or Spencer's that
invokes evolution but does not actually line up with a current
biological understanding and/or a grasp of the difference between
science and scientism) automatically assumes that references relating
to biological evolution involve a bunch of social baggage as well.
Anyone reading the thread ought not to be confused; anyone whose
knowledge of evolution is derived from the DI, AIG, Dawkins, etc. will
be confused.

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