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& that would work best - & be most coherent theologically - if their apologetic focussed on Christ instead of Genesis.

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  Or acknowledge that there is no alternative that "fits" at present but that it's "ok" to wait for one.

  As I've been up and down with these things, and as I've talked with friends in the evangelical community, there seems to be very little chance of evolution gaining even the bit of traction that old earch creationism has gained in some quarters. I've been optimistic at times, but maybe not now. The reaction is so deep and visceral. And honestly, I'm not entirely convinced that the narrative of orthodox Christian faith and that of human evolution can be reconciled. (No intention of suggesting heresy here by anyone and no slight intended to the creative theological work folks like George do -- just my own little mind's limitations maybe.)

  But what I'd really love to see, at least, are some credible evangelical voices do what Steve suggests and then say, you know what, it's ok if we don't have this particular thing figured out yet. This would require a shift in apologetics -- a willingness to say to the skeptic, "you got me, I have no idea how to put that one together -- but I think I can put enough other things together that faith in Christ is warranted even while I leave this thing on the shelf for now."

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