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And I though YECs were the ones who relied on misrepresentation and strawmen
to make their point. Either you believe in Dawkins or in the "talking
snake". Sigh.




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From my news alerts:


YouTube video:



ys-Francis-Collins-Bright/580000708> Dawkins says Francis Collins "is not a
bright guy"

Apr 16, 2008

On Friday night, Bill Maher had evolutionary biologist and author of The God
Delusion <> Richard Dawkins on his show
<> Real Time with Bill Maher for a powwow on
atheism. Aside from equating a belief in God to having an "imaginary
friend," the two discussed how it is that some scientists can also be

Perhaps predictably, Francis Collins, the <>
head of the Human Genome Project, who at 27
<> converted to
evangelical Christianity and in 2006 wrote the book The Language of God came
up. Take a look at the video below to see how Bill Maher caused Dawkins to
lose some of his esteem for Collins. (Around 3:40 into the video.)



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