Re: [asa] Who do Adam & Eve represent? (Was: Was Adam a real person?)

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 2008 - 16:19:24 EDT

George Murphy wrote:

> Don: Collins' approach is fairly close to mine - see, e.g., my chapter
> "Christology, Evolution, and the Cross" in the same book. I wouldn't
> say - & I don't think Collins would - that through the work of
> Christ "the effect of original sin is reversed" because that suggests
> being brought back to an originally perfect state. Instead, the
> evolutionary development of humanity is re-oriented toward the
> eschatological goal that God intends.

George are you saying that nothing was lost when man/mankind disobeyed
God? If one believes, as I do, that (at a minimum) something was lost
in the relationship between God and man, then is not the effect of
original sin reversed, at least to some extent? I am not assuming
either a literal Adam or an initial perfect condition of mankind.

Dave W

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