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From: Marcio Pie <pie@ufpr.br>
Date: Tue Apr 15 2008 - 14:05:50 EDT

Dear all,


I'm one of the traditional lurkers on the list, but there are some important
things that seem to be missing from this whole discussion. I must point out
that I haven't watched the movie yet (I'm in Brazil), but these points are
based on what I heard/read about it, including the interview by Mark Mathis
to people at Scientific American.


- To me, the film clearly sounds much more like propaganda than
anything else. By that I mean a message that it presented in a way to elicit
an emotional response from the audience to accept a point of view rather
than presenting evidence for it. In fact, they only define ID half way into
the movie, and there's pretty much no science in it at all.

- One clear instance of the above is to associate Darwin with the
Holocaust. That to me is the lowest type of cheap ad hominem I can think of.

- The film talks about *dozens and dozens* of ID people loosing
their jobs and being humiliated (Ben Stein himself talks about it all the
time). Who are these dozens and dozens, other than the questionable cases of
Gonzales and Sternberg?

- When asked about why the film did not interview people like Ken
Miller, Mark Mathis clearly indicated that "it would make things
unnecessarily complicated". Of course, it would undermine the whole scenario
of the academia bashing Christians.

- What do you think that an average person would understand from
the movie of what "Darwinism" other than simply evolution? If so, does
anyone in the entire movie even hint at the idea that common descent and an
old universe is the position of many in the ID movement? Why not?



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