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Hi Donald, you wrote:
>>However, a quick dismissal of ID as "bad science" does strike me as a
little strange.<<
I agree, it would be like calling astrology bad science when it isn't
any kind of science at all.
Enjoy your trip to Cancun. Be sure to watch the movie Touristas before
you go.
Dick Fischer. author, lecturer
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Goof afternoon everyone:
One last set of comments and then I'm signing off this discussion for a
vacation in Cancun.
Thanks for all the comments. The issue of academic freedom is an
important one. A private institution (such as the Christian university
that I recently retired from) has the legal right and the moral
responsibility to its supporters to state publicly where it stands on
issues. So do churches and seminaries - in both places, there are
important doctrinal positions that need to be expressed and affirmed. A
public university is expected to be non-sectarian; to do otherwise
constitutes religious discrimination. I suppose a school could make a
clear statement that intelligent design is not acceptable - Mike Behe's
school has done so as has the University of Idaho where Scott Minnich
teaches. I suspect that doing this might decrease the legal risks but
might also serve to antagonize further a portion of the tax-paying
public who is already getting very bothered about the overall
anti-religious tone of higher education. I'll leave that to the
In terms of Sternberg, the congressional committee ruled that he had
experienced significant discrimination. He followed standard peer
review procedures and caught a lot of flack for it. The folks who
critcise ID for not having peer-reviewed publications in the science
literature might want to ask whether or not anything that sounds like ID
could even get a fair hearing.
The emails from UI that have become public after the Gonzales tenure
denial make it very clear that he experienced clear religious
discrimination by the university. I suspect that it will be in the
courts once the internal university review is finished.
Anyhow, we all forget some of the details (and I'm as guilty as the next
person). However, a quick dismissal of ID as "bad science" does strike
me as a little strange. I see much more discussion of recent science
papers on their listserv than I do here. Something to think about.
Hasta luego.

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