RE: [asa] Expelled Explained (firing those you don't agree with)

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Date: Mon Apr 14 2008 - 17:33:46 EDT

Quoting Dick Fischer <>:

> Academic freedom doesn't allow English teachers to teach bad English, or
> math teachers to teach bad math, so why shouldn't a science teacher be
> required to teach good science? And if such a teacher wishes to publish
> papers or conduct seminars promoting views that are contrary to
> acceptable scientific standards, he/she should accept the fact that
> his/her job may be in jeopardy because as a faculty member he/she
> represents his/her school.
> Dick Fischer

Where is the controversy over what is good math? English? --okay, there may be
some controversy about that, but mostly from within the profession. The most
any of us outsiders see of that is the proliferation of divergent citation
formats and exploding dictionaries. But nobody raises too much fuss.

In science, however, there is still very much a live controversy over what can
be included under the umbrella of acceptable or "good" science. Even if that
controversy is *almost* non-existent among professional scientists, it is still
present enough among a highly educated and interested laity -- so much so that
when any publicly funded academic institution squashes dissension from the top
down, THAT is (or should be) a major egg in their face. If private enterprises
want to assume certain fundamental answers so they can move on with their
mission, that is perfectly understandable and expected.


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