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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Mon Apr 14 2008 - 16:39:10 EDT

My impression - as a non-biologist - when I read Meyers' article was that it might deserve a passing grade as an undergraduate paper.


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> The paper that he approved for publication was scientifically poor and
> totally out of keeping with the standard contents of the Proc. Biol.
> Soc. Wash. My father subscribes because it is a standard place for
> Smithsonian scientists to publish papers of the "Five new species and
> a new genus of snails from upper Whatchacallistan" genre. Unaware of
> the controversy about the article, he spotted it as something strange.
> Although it is true that the topic of the controversial article is
> not totally out of keeping with the stated scope of the journal, it
> simply isn't what the journal normally prints. Other similar cases
> suggest that the DI is on the lookout for opportunities to slip
> publications into legitimate scientific journals that would not
> provide the scrutiny that a submission to a journal actually focused
> on evolutionary biology would provide. Meyers' review article at best
> takes an ID spin on points where there is legitimate uncertainty; at
> worst it clearly misinterprets the publications that it cites. (This
> could arise from other causes than deliberate dishonesty, but it is
> clearly poor work.)

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