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As to individuals I'll make no comment. As to the responsibility
academic institutions have to assure that science teachers teach quality
science, well duh, yes they have that responsibility. Scientific
theories require supporting data and evidence. ID has no supporting
evidence and is thus not science. It may have some philosophical value,
that's for philosophers to decide.
In churches is another matter. You can practice Satanic worship in a
church where we have complete religious freedom and there are no rules,
no tests, no standards. All you need for a church is a gaggle of
Science has rules. When a biochemist puts a substance in a Petri dish
he/she does not expect some intelligent agent to jump in there and
affect the outcome. He/she wants a result to be valid. To be
repeatable and testable. He/she fully expects natural causes to be in
operation. That's the standard in science.
Dick Fischer. author, lecturer
Historical Genesis from Adam to Abraham
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My colleagues on this listserv really disappoint me. I posted this last
Friday and got only one response, and that's not really a response. Am
I to assume that everyone here agrees with the intellectual lynching
that is taking place in our academic institutions? Do you really feel
it's OK to treat people the way these folks have been treated? Do you
run ID and YEC members out of your churches? I would hope we could
separate the differing opinions we have from the abysmal treatment given
to these "dissenters".
Don (ASA member, but probably not for much longer)
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