RE: [asa] Expelled Explained (firing those you don't agree with)

From: Dehler, Bernie <>
Date: Mon Apr 14 2008 - 12:54:32 EDT

Gordon- that is exactly it! If a college fires someone for ID
mentality, it is because ID mentality goes against the institution's
view and stand on science and what they want to be known for, their
"brand." If a university wants to be known as on the fore-front of
evolutionary science, then an ID'er would kill their reputation... they
want and need like-minded people to fulfill their mission.


I work for Intel and am working on book ideas, but I won't be mentioning
my employer. They don't share my view. I can't use Intel as a
platform, but then again, I have total freedom to say whatever I want.
If a Prof. writes a book, what they say reflects on their institution
(if they mention where they teach), as they'd have no platform (no job)
if it wasn't for their institution, and it looks implicitly like their
institution supports them. Same with a preacher, reflecting his views
upon the entire church. The key is to work for an outfit that shares
your view if that outfit will be known as employing you.


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> Hi Don- let me ask you a similar question. What would happen if the

> Discovery Institute hired a researcher, and then the researcher became

> an evolutionist. Would this researcher still be able to hold a job at

> the Discovery Institute? Of course not. Suppose a preacher at a

> became an atheist- could they hold their job as preacher? Of course

> There was also talk lately of a Prof. being booted from his seminary

> because of evolutionary belief (I don't have the details- picked it up

> in passing). Why not give colleges the same respect to hire people

> they agree with? The college wants to move in a certain direction,

> they want to hire those who can advance their cause.




I don't think these are valid analogies unless we are making comparisons

with someone whose teaching conflicts with the mission of his


Gordon Brown (ASA member)


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