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Date: Sun Apr 13 2008 - 11:08:34 EDT


The people of the ancient Near East should have been familiar with
irrigation, the diversion of river water when rainfall is insufficient.
This method would be possible only after there is a human being to do the

Although I can't seem to find my copy of the book, I recall that Meredith
Kline used Gen. 2:5-9 extensively in a debate in which he was advocating
the framework interpretation and rebutting the YEC arguments. He
proposed that 'ed means rain cloud.

Gordon Brown (ASA member)

On Sat, 12 Apr 2008, D. F. Siemens, Jr. wrote:

> How does 2:10 fit into your scenario? It certainly comes after what you
> try to claim, and indicates something other than rain watered the garden.
> If you look into TWOT, you will find that the consistent approach is
> absolute inerrancy, which suggests to me that they'd have worked on rain
> if they thought it would stand. But there is the problem that the Hebrew
> term occurs only twice. There also has to be recognition that the "mist"
> of KJV was a guess without any supporting material from ANE.
> Dave (ASA)
> On Sat, 12 Apr 2008 21:00:20 -0600 (MDT) gordon brown
> <Gordon.Brown@Colorado.EDU> writes:
>> On Sat, 12 Apr 2008, D. F. Siemens, Jr. wrote:
>>> I'm trying to figure out how rain can be denied in Genesis 2:5
>> and
>>> present, as mist, in 2:6. The /Theological Wordbook of the Old
>> Testament/
>>> notes that /'ed/ of Genesis is apparently cognate with the
>> Akkadian /edu/
>>> (both need diacritical marks), both the annual inundation of the
>>> Euphrates and irrigation. The other use is in Job 36:27, where
>> they
>>> suggest "stream".
>>> One should also look at 2:10. The whole passage seems to fit the
>> notion
>>> of water above the firmament with sluice gates letting it out. It
>> appears
>>> from Psalm 148:4 that the notion of waters above the heavens
>> persisted,
>>> and were given explicit limits by God. Was this psalm part of a
>> very
>>> ancient tradition? It looks to me as though you are desperately
>> trying to
>>> make the writers of scripture into modern scholars.
>>> Dave (ASA)
>> Translations of 'ed in Gen. 2:5 and Job 36:27 that I have come
>> across
>> include fountain, streams, mist, vapor, and cloud. It looks as if
>> the
>> translators had to do some guessing. Some translations of Job 36:27
>> make
>> it appear that it has something to do with the formation of rain.
>> I think that the context suggests the following outline for verses
>> 5-8 of
>> Genesis 2.
>> 2:5 desolate condition of Eden before the planting of the Garden
>> reasons for this condition that would need correction before
>> the
>> planting of the Garden:
>> (1) lack of rain
>> (2) noone to care for a garden
>> 2:6 correction of (1)
>> 2:7 correction of (2)
>> 2:8 planting of the Garden
>> Gordon Brown (ASA member)
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