RE: [asa] Was Adam a real person? (ancient science)

From: Dehler, Bernie <>
Date: Sat Apr 12 2008 - 19:10:18 EDT


For those who claim there is no ancient science, I have two questions:


1. When, exactly, did science begin? Please be specific and
concise- 5 sentences or less.
2. Is saying "there was no ancient science" like saying "there was
no ancient business?" Business today didn't exist in the ANE. Today it
is thousands (or millions) times more complicated. Today we have world
markets, derivatives, high-speed computer stock trading, board of
directors, stock, bonds, futures, commodities, mortgages, various forms
of debt (home equity, credit card, reverse mortgage, etc).


My point, there was ancient science just like there was ancient
business, but the "memes" for each have considerably evolved.

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