RE: [asa] Was Adam a real person?

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My answers.


Q1: People may or may not be real. If science bears on the facts, then
science can be taken into consideration. If not, then it is pure faith
(not good or bad, just faith). As for Adam and Noah, science has
something to say about origins and a global flood, enough to show some
people that the evidence is overwhelming in support of them and/or their
events not happening. As for Abraham and Moses, I think it will be
impossible to have science weigh-in with an opinion.


Q2. Very good question. Can fictional people help us in spiritual
maturity? Look at the parable of the prodigal son and the good
Samaritan. Both illustrations that can help us. Adam, if not real, can
still teach us a lesson about spiritual matters- obeying God rather than
following selfish desires.


Good answers? Feedback?




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I have a couple of questions that may be relevant for some of the

expressed on this thread.


1. Which of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 were real people, and



2. How are you moved to stronger faith to "run the race with endurance"

the examples of those witnesses who aren't real people?


Gordon Brown (ASA member)


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