Re: [asa] Who do Adam & Eve represent? (Was: Was Adam a real person?)

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Fri Apr 11 2008 - 19:19:38 EDT

On second thought, the second part of 4) is questionable also. Why not speak about the 'first human' (origins) instead of 'first humans' (processes)? Are you not implying a polygenism here, multiple origins of humanity? Or are you getting closer to Dick Fischer's position, that within a particular single group in historical time (not merely fictitious), the 'first human' was made/created/constructed in covenant, imago Dei?
    George Murphy <> wrote:
      Gregory -
  Thanks for your response. Briefly -
  4) It's perhaps worth calling attention to the fact that I speak about Adam & Eve, not just Adam. The first humans weren't all male.

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