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NCSE comments:
On April 9, 2008, XVIVO, the animation company which produced an
award-winning animation of "The Inner Life of the Cell," charged
producers of a forthcoming "intelligent design" film with copyright
infringement. In a letter to Logan Craft, chairman of Premise Media,
the producer of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (featuring Ben
Stein), XVIVO claimed that a segment of Expelled portraying the
complexity of the cell is patterned upon segments of their well-known
animation, produced on behalf of Harvard University.
Biologist P. Z. Myers, who was interviewed for the film, has posted a
side-by-side comparison of the animations in Expelled with the XVIVO
animation, writing, "do notice that they both have roughly the same
layout and the same elements in view; this is a remarkable, umm,
coincidence, since these are highly edited, selected renderings, with
many molecules omitted ... and curiously, they've both left out the same
In their letter, XVIVO's David Bolinsky and Michael Astrachan contended,
"We have obtained promotional material for the 'Expelled' film,
presented on a DVD, that clearly shows in the 'cell segment' the virtual
identical depiction of material from the 'inner life' video. We
particularly refer to the segment of the 'Expelled' film purporting to
show the 'walk in' models of kinesic activities in cellular mechanisms.
The segments depicting these models in your film are clearly based upon,
and copied from, material in the 'Inner Life' video."
XVIVO demanded that Premise Media "remove the infringing segment from
all copies of the 'Expelled' film prior to its scheduled commercial
release on or before April 18, 2008."
For XVIVO's letter (PDF), visit:
For P. Z. Myers's comparison, visit:
For NCSE's growing collection of resources about the film, visit:
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