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> Surely we can cut the writers of Genesis some slack for having written the
> story in its native and remarkably and enjoyably timeless form. Surely, we
> can read their descriptions respectfully, but not get stuck with trying to
> make something of them that they were never intended to be. That is just
> not the point of the story. The wrangling about the scientific accuracy,
> or perhaps even a high degree of concordance of the Genesis narrative (and
> literalist inerrancy in general) would seem to be more about us than the
> essential messages of Scripture.
> ...or so it seemeth to me.
> Respectfully, JimA [Friend of ASA]

Dear Jim,
After reading your suggestion to "cut the writers of Genesis some slack"
I just about fell out of my chair because I've come to your conclusion
and used your terminology in a section on the ancient epistemology in
Gen 1-11.

Logical problems are expected in Gen 1-11, since these chapters originate
ultimately from oral traditions shaped by an ancient epistemology. For
example, the classic problem in Gen 4 of where Cain's wife came from never
troubled the inspired author and his readers. Despite less critical
intellectual categories, the Divine Theology in Gen 1-11 was sufficiently
revealed using an ancient epistemology in such a way that men and women
could proficiently understand it. With this being the case, there is a
significant implication for twenty-first century Christians. Failing to
respect the mindset reflected in these chapters and forcing the extreme
rational standards of today upon them is a subtle and destructive form of
eisegesis. The correct reading of the biblical origins account, then,
requires believers to think like preliterate ancient Hebrews. To use a
colloquialism, cut Gen 1-11 some epistemological slack.

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