Re: [asa] Was Adam a real person?

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Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 21:34:00 EDT

Hello everyone,
Just a few comments:
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  It seems to me that "the closest understanding of Biblical origins" is that the writers and redactors of the Biblical creation and flood texts didn't seem terribly concerned about precision or consistency. It's anachronistic to say that God accommodated the Biblical creation texts to the "science" of the day. There was no "science" in that day as we know it. Rather, God accommodated to a mode of communicating through cosmogenic myths, in which function, not structure or chronology, are the primary concerns.

  Now this is delicious. I'm accused of being "anachronistic," and two sentences later David refers to "cosmogenic myths."
  Does anyone think that J, P or R were constructing "cosmogenic myths"?

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