Re: [asa] Was Adam a real person? (can you admit it?)

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Date: Wed Apr 09 2008 - 19:13:13 EDT


It seems to me that there are many (most?) on this discussion list who fully believe that Adam is a mythical figure, in the sense that he was not a real person who lived at one time, yet they are afraid to bluntly admit it.? True??

No.? I believe the Adam of Genesis 4 was a real person who lived in the neolithic period.??He had a son named Seth and lived a certain number of years and then died.

But Abraham's anscestors borrowed his name from the geneological record?in order to invent a mythological figure "Adam" to be the first?human in their creation account.? They borrowed the name of that particular individual because he happened to be the first name in the geneology and because the name "Adam" can be understood to refer to mankind.

So Adam wasn't a "real" individual?if you are thinking of him as being the first human living in a garden and progenitor of all mankind; but he was completely real if you are thinking of the first name in the Sethite geneology, a person who is treated as a historical figure in Genesis 4 and subsequent chapters.

I don't take the mythological Adam to be an error in Scripture because it was a normative practice in the myth genre to invent characters like that, and the original audience was expected to know that.


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