Re: [asa] Was Adam a real person?

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Wed Apr 09 2008 - 08:31:25 EDT

Chris writes: "If Adam wasn't a real person, how could Enoch be
the seventh after him? This line of thought is why I accept the
historicity of someone named Adam, and I think Dick's explanation is
probably the best out there."
  I agree that when it comes to this topic, Dick's historical perspective outweighs the theological speculations from mere interpretation of text. True, historians can and sometimes inevitably do follow rabbits and ascribe to locations and sites, among other things, significance that do not bear out in reality. Let me simply point out (a truism) that the difference in whether or not Adam was a real person is far greater for human-social thought than it is for natural science. It speaks of the identity/unity of humankind, the reconciliation of clashing civilizations, the harmony of paradise and the consequences of turning our backs on our Creator.
  Reading from "The Idea File" (1980) of a respected Canadian historian, economist, communication theorist, Harold Innis, who wrote: "Darwin['s] Origin of Species (1859) destroyed [the] doctrine of original sin and led turn from [the] church. Religion [is] susceptible to [the] influence of appeal to natural law...contrast [this] with [the] social sciences [that are] particularly susceptible to [the] influence of hard facts of science." (5/176)
  If, however, one refuses to conclude authoritatively one way or another and leaves room for Adam and Eve to be either historically 'real' or scriptively figurative, e.g. the retro-story recently presented here, then one is safe on both sides of the divide. One might suffer the slings and arrows of being called a non-literalist, but that is far less difficult to defend given the many genres displayed in Scripture. It just means that one must be content to have a theology of paradox and mystery instead of trying to force unknown things into the 'known' pattern of modern natural science, oh so susceptible to rationalising the rainbow and explaining everything away.
  Yes, I believe in Adam and Eve!!! Don't you?

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