Re: [asa] Fw: Message to Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor of Michigan

From: D. F. Siemens, Jr. <>
Date: Sat Apr 05 2008 - 00:12:01 EDT

Because I'm aware of the approach I've used. My colleagues teaching
practical logic used my letters to the editor for their classes to
Dave (ASA)

On Fri, 4 Apr 2008 19:17:43 -0400 (EDT) Gregory Arago
<> writes:

Why privilege biologists and biological sciences like you do? You make it
appear that if it wasn't biologists signing a 'dissent from Darwinism'
then it doesn't count. Was Darwin 'merely' a biologist' (alongside his
barnacology - which is not the study of barns!)? You seem to overlook the
fact that 'Darwinism' (and the neo- version) is significantly bigger than
a single academic sphere.


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