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From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 16:18:53 EDT

Hello Jack, Sorry, perhaps I missed the connection. Your post seems not to address the thread topic at all. Maybe I misread what in any case seems a bit fuzzy to me, but are you suggesting that (studies of) the history, philosophy and sociology of science play no role in the 'actual science' as it is 'being done' today? I'm not familiar with a 'culturology' or 'cultural studies' approach to science, though you highlight the importance of 'paying attention to the culture of science.' Maybe you could explain what that means, in the context of answering a simple survey question of whether or not you've been in contact with or read Popper, Kuhn, Lakatos or Feyerabend.
  Thanks to the others who have responded already to their relations or lack thereof with these four authors. Would be glad to hear from more people if these 4 figures in HPSS are being read/have been read by ASA's scientists.
Jack Haas <> wrote:
  To the guilty as charged and the "not guilty"

You were the philosopher and historian that I went to for help in an earlier life as editor of PSCF. Thank you both. :-)
Your role in those situations was to correct or affirm the facts as best you could in cases where the writer was doing history or philosophy or
world view construction. Others helped me with hermeneutical questions. However, I never asked any of those experts for help
when I was struggling with chemiluminescence in my lab when I was practicing science nor do any of the list who are scientists.
Patent layers do come in handy at times but not at the microscope.

Now one can argue that philosophy/theology of sorts played certain roles prior to ca. 1720 but today??? Prayer???

Now I would recommend that younger scientists pay attention to the culture of science as played out in the real world today - political, ethical,... - and would be so insensitive as to mention the problems that some current "scientists" have gotten into when crossing the line.

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