Re: [asa] HPSS - Survey of Views

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2008 - 08:56:03 EDT


I (for one) have a strong but limited interest in philosophy of
science--strong, in that I have always liked reading some of the clearer and
better philosophers of science, but limited, in that I rarely can justify
not reading some other things in order to read more philosophy of science.
I took a grad course in POS from a Lakatos student who also knew Popper, so
I'm familiar with them. And everyone in my field knows Kuhn, whose works
I've used in my own courses from time to time. Never read any
Feyerabend--he (like Polanyi) was on the Index at my grad program, so to
speak, despite his obvious influence on Kuhn who was not similarly ignored.
The ASA list rarely talks about any of those guys, but many articles in our
journal (PSCF) do talk about them, sometimes even in a professional
philosophical way. You might try browsing our web site for some examples.
You can search for key words in past issues.

There are a few philosophers in the ASA, but (perhaps I'm failing to think
of someone) I don't think there are on this list presently. Sometimes
people think of me as a philosopher, but that's a bad mistake.


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