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From: Dehler, Bernie <>
Date: Wed Apr 02 2008 - 19:58:21 EDT

Thanks Randy-


 I was in an AtheistVsChristian yahoo group and left because the
moderator didn't know how to ban rude people. Some people don't know
how to scholarly discuss things in respect. You are right to warn them
then ban them,,, some people just don't know any better, because of the
way they were raised and the kind of company they keep. Since this is a
Christian group, predominately, we need to act like Christians. There
is no excuse what-so-ever for being disrespectful. If you tolerate the
rudeness, then the rude people remain and the decent people leave.



From: [] On
Behalf Of Randy Isaac
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Subject: [asa] ASA discussion protocol


Consistent with our re-emphasized discussion protocol as stated on Feb.
4 ( we have placed
Michael Roberts on read-only status for a few months following his
disregard of our warning reminder.


We do encourage vigorous and robust debate but in a spirit of respect
and Christian love which does not include sarcasm and belittling of
others. Several of you are also borderline in this regard and I
encourage each of you to consider carefully how you write what is a
public record.



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