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From: Christine Smith <>
Date: Mon Mar 31 2008 - 13:56:29 EDT

Sounds like an interesting talk :) Wish I could be

Along those lines, I must say that I really enjoyed
the Babylon 5 series, and I especially appreciated the
intelligent and thoughtful treatment of religion and
religious questions throughout the series. Although
the producer is an Atheist, I thought the Season 3
episode "Passing through Gesthemane" showed a
particularly respectful and fairly knowledgable (in so
far as theology can go in a 1-hour TV episode)
portrayal of Christianity and its core values. George,
will you be touching on this series in your talk?

In Christ,

PS to George -- I got your multi-worlds paper in the
mail--thanks for sending it!

--- Loren Haarsma <> wrote:

> For the Grand Rapids, MI, area:
> The next Christian Perspectives in Science seminar
> at Calvin College is
> Monday, April 7, 3:30 PM in Science
> Building room 110.
> Speaker: George Murphy, pastoral associate at St.
> Paul's Episcopal Church
> in Akron, Ohio; adjunct faculty member at
> Trinity Lutheran Seminary.
> Title: Real Faith and Fictional Worlds
> Abstract:
> Science fiction has become increasingly
> respectable and influential in
> recent years, portraying a variety of futures. God
> usually seems to be
> absent from those futures, together with every other
> aspect of
> Christianity. But is that really the case?
> Religious questions often
> surface in new and challenging guises, and are
> sometimes quite explicit.
> This talk will reflect on religion and science in
> the science fiction
> world, with reference to a number of popular books,
> films and TV shows,
> and will suggest some ways in which science fiction
> can help to
> communicate the Christian message.
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