[asa] seminar on Science Fiction and Religion: Mon. Apr. 7, 3:30

From: Loren Haarsma <lhaarsma@calvin.edu>
Date: Mon Mar 31 2008 - 08:43:01 EDT

For the Grand Rapids, MI, area:

The next Christian Perspectives in Science seminar at Calvin College is
        Monday, April 7, 3:30 PM in Science Building room 110.

Speaker: George Murphy, pastoral associate at St. Paul's Episcopal Church
     in Akron, Ohio; adjunct faculty member at Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

    Title: Real Faith and Fictional Worlds
   Science fiction has become increasingly respectable and influential in
recent years, portraying a variety of futures. God usually seems to be
absent from those futures, together with every other aspect of
Christianity. But is that really the case? Religious questions often
surface in new and challenging guises, and are sometimes quite explicit.
This talk will reflect on religion and science in the science fiction
world, with reference to a number of popular books, films and TV shows,
and will suggest some ways in which science fiction can help to
communicate the Christian message.

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