Re: [asa] Re: Peter Enns and the future direction of WTS

From: David Opderbeck <>
Date: Sun Mar 30 2008 - 13:01:14 EDT

Greg, we often speak "two books" with regard to revelation as "scripture"
and "nature." I think, though, that "nature" here means something broader
than just "natural science." I think it means every way in which God
reveals Himself through what we are able to observe, study, and think about,
other than scripture itself. Another way to say this might be, "all true
knowledge is revelation."

So I would consider the sociology of group dynamics, for example, to be part
of the "book of nature." Yet, it's important, IMHO, not to reduce the study
of this "second book" to any single method. It's a complex and
multi-layered book.

On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 8:16 AM, Gregory Arago <>

> To add to the question of 'why not historical Adam and Eve?' (which is
> more or less consistent for Jews, Christians and Muslims, even Bahai's), I'd
> like to pose something else. Why ONLY Two (2) books? Why not three, or five
> or 7 books? Is it due to the Tradition? Does it say 'two books' anywhere in
> Scripture or is this a modernist 'natural science and theology' reading?
> Does the connection of biology, dentistry and theology afford a special
> perspective on this topic that others are likely not privy to? Surely the
> issue of 'institutional sovereignty' (e.g. WTS) is a human-social
> problem/issue, not something usually studied by natural scientists or
> theologians (in their main works).
> Thanks in advance for comments. - G.A.
> *"Denis O. Lamoureux" <>* wrote:
> 24 years ago I felt called to open God's Two Books. Any yes, like many, I
> started the voyage as a young earth creationist. But along the way there
> were a few surprises--Gen 1-11 is not a historical record, and biological
> evolution is a FACT. But through the process the Lord Jesus was right
> there, front and centre. Sadly, I had to leave my tradition to find a
> job.
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