[asa] Re: Peter Enns and the future direction of WTS

From: Steve Martin <steven.dale.martin@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 16:35:30 EDT

At the WTS board meeting yesterday, it was decided that Enns would be
suspended at the end of this school year. Here is the letter from the
chairman of the board Jack White .

March 27, 2008
> Thank you very much for your prayers for the special meeting of the Board
> of Trustees that was held on March 26 to address the disunity of the faculty
> regarding the theological issues related to Dr. Peter Enns' book, *Inspiration
> and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament*. After
> a full day of deliberation, the Board of Trustees took the following action
> by decisive vote:
> "That for the good of the Seminary *(Faculty Manual II.4.C.4*) Professor
> Peter Enns be suspended at the close of this school year, that is May 23,
> 2008 *(Constitution Article III, Section 15)*, and that the Institutional
> Personnel Committee (IPC) recommend the appropriate process for the Board to
> consider whether Professor Enns should be terminated from his employment at
> the Seminary. Further that the IPC present their recommendations to the
> Board at its meeting in May 2008."
> In order to provide the entire Westminster community with a more complete
> understanding of the Board's decision and to offer an opportunity for
> questions and dialogue, the Chairman and Secretary of the Board will join
> the President on campus for a special chapel on Tuesday, April 1 at 10:30
> am. Students and staff are encouraged to attend and participate. Following
> that special chapel, they will hold a separate meeting with the faculty.
> Our concern is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and assure a faithful
> witness for Westminster for years to come. To that end, please pray for
> everyone involved during the next two months.
> Jack White
> Chairman of the Board
> On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 1:39 PM, Steve Martin <
steven.dale.martin@gmail.com> wrote:

> As many are probably aware, Peter Enns' <http://peterennsonline.com/> book
> Inspiration and Incarnation<http://books.google.com/books?id=N1LhAAAACAAJ&dq=inspiration+and+incarnation&ei=ITfpR7GXIIHKtAP2i9DUBA>has caused quite the heated dialogue in the reformed community over the last
> couple of years. I personally found I&I to be extremely helpful, and the
> more I read of & about Enns', the more respect I have for him.
> Now things might be coming to a head for Enns at WTS <http://www.wts.edu/>.
> I've been following the story on the net the last few weeks but, being the
> net, I didn't want to jump to any conclusions or really say anything (I
> certainly can't add much personally). It appears that today there will be
> an important board meeting where the "Enns issue" will be on the agenda.
> Again, it is unclear to me what exactly is being discussed and what the
> possible outcome will be, but I'm sure this is a very difficult time for
> Enns, his family, WTS faculty and students, and all the extended WTS
> community.
> For some brief background on the situation, check out
> http://sibboleth.blogspot.com/2008/03/tale-of-two-westminsters.html
> and the two links to articles on competing visions for WTS the one from
> former WTS Prof Davis is VERY long but definitely worth the read. For
> some interesting links on current & former students that are supporting Enns
> see: http://saveourseminary.com/,
> http://greenfieldsbeyond.blogspot.com/2008/03/update-on-situation-at-wts.html,
> and
> http://greenfieldsbeyond.blogspot.com/2008/03/upcoming-student-led-demonstration-at.html.
> I'd be interested in comments / reactions from those in the reformed
> tradition (particularly Presbyterians) who are aware of the situation and/or
> the historical context of WTS & past church divisions back to the 20's.
> I'd also be interested in hearing from those that lived through similar
> controversies (Kline / Van Til etc.).
> --
> Steve Martin (CSCA)
> http://evanevodialogue.blogspot.com

Steve Martin (CSCA)
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