Re: [asa] Multi-worlds, parallel histories, and theology

From: George Cooper <>
Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 15:39:50 EDT

David wrote:
> In scenarios such as some inspired by strong theory, the multiple
> universes are thought to possess a wide range of physical laws, making
> more room for a response to fine-tuning arguments. However, such
> models cannot provide a complete response to fine-tuning claims,
> because we have no way to determine precisely what the the probability
> distribution of the different physical parameters are.

What observable features are included in the "Mulitverse Theory"? [Your use
of "model" is far more accurate.] If nothing can be observed, which is my
limited understanding of it, it can not be called a scientific theory.

You might enjoy reading a currently active thread regarding the "Multiverse
Theory" in this astronomy forum:

> As to theological worries, although speculation is interesting and
> potentially insightful, simple confidence that God can sort things out
> no matter what the structure of the universe(s) is probably the most
> practical approach.

If other universes could be, somehow, detectable, then I believe it would
diminish the idea of a personal God for a would-be believer. I believe God
did it exactly how he did it, but I am past my skeptism of His existence.


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