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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 15:08:36 EDT

The same thing happens with Science and Christian Belief over here. I was
involved in a discussion after my review of Darwin's Black Box 10 years ago.
the editor published a long response and then allowed me my own response and
sent all the letters (of complaint)! In my review I pointed out the
deficiencies of Behe's arguments which were later picked up by many others .

Sadly the discussion has not moved on and in fact has got worse as ID is
used by YEC and dear ol' Bill has got silly with his pal Denyse on Uncommon

There is little room for rational discussion partly due to the obsession on
naturalism (wotever that is)even if it is wrapped up philosophically.

I don't blame Arie at all.

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> I'd like to underscore Ted's comments. The PSCF is not the right venue for
> extended exchanges. One follow-up round is sufficient. Further discussion
> is more appropriate for the web as Dave O pointed out. For a couple of
> years I've urged Terry to implement an author dialog on our website but
> first he needed to update the underlying content management system. He
> recently completed that so we're ready to move ahead. I hope we can do
> something somewhat different than a mere free-for-all blog but I'm not
> quite sure what.
> As for Dave W's concerns, maybe we can do electronic delivery to
> international addresses in advance of the arrival of the paper copy. We'll
> work on that.
> Randy
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>>>>> "Dick Fischer" <> 3/26/2008 3:31 PM >>> said:
>> I had the same problem with Arie. Instead of understanding PSCF to be a
>> forum for getting messages out he seems to want to be a roadblock.
>> ***
>> Ted comments:
>> I don't agree with this perception. There is an exchange between Harry
>> Poe
>> and Dave Siemans in the March issue of PSCF, and that should be
>> sufficient
>> for the editor's purposes. It's highly unusual in my experience for
>> journals to keep printing a series of comments from two persons engaged
>> in
>> such a discussion--one apiece is normal. Arie needs to keep space for
>> new
>> business.
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