Re: [asa] A few literal problems in Genesis

From: George Cooper <>
Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 15:23:37 EDT

David wrote:
> "Let the earth bring forth" from ch. 1 may also be in view. This
> doesn't especially affect your interpretation of the text, but it may
> affect interpretation of comments relating to the phrase.

Agreed; there is similarity with your quote and the phrase "out of the
ground". However, there is a much greater sense of immediacy in Chapter 2
because the Garden did not exist until after Adam was formed. Further,
Adam was likely all alone before he was placed into the Garden, which would
leave us wondering why he wouldn't have become lonely until after being in
the Garden if many months had transpired for a normal growing process. This
immediacy changes the context, at least for me.

The Garden itself adds support to the idea of earlier sentient hominids.
Why place a single man into a spot near the top of a mountain, isolated from
the rest of the planet? Why were the Cherubims with flaming swords guarding
only the eastern side of the garden, once Adam was sent from it? If God
wanted Adam separated (holy?) from evolved homo sapiens, the location for
the Garden looks like a logical place to put him.


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