Re: [asa] warfare mentality in the far east?

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Date: Thu Mar 20 2008 - 12:50:14 EDT

Thanks. Naturally, the only authors I tend to remember off the cuff are
ones I have already read. I have never read McGrath, but it sounds like
I should look up his "Foundations..." if you recommend that as a good
start, and dig in. & Thanks for alerting us to the J.C. site.


David Opderbeck wrote:
> I'm glad you posted that Merv. I followed up with some
> recommendations from Alister McGrath. Books like his "Foundations for
> Dialogue in Science and Religion" are good because they adress some of
> the foundational things people in the warfare camps often miss.
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 10:27 AM, Merv <
> <>> wrote:
> I posted this on the Jesus Creed site, but wanted to see if anyone
> here
> had insights as well. (Also -- I need to broaden the number of
> authors
> I have off the top of my head to recommend in such situations.
> I'm sure
> a long list could have been given.) The post I responded to is pasted
> below my response.
> --Merv
> Mr. Duomai (#71) It's a bit alarming, though I guess not
> surprising, to
> think that the warfare camps may have a wider dissemination of their
> literature internationally than those with differing approaches. Do
> your libraries have any of Polkinghorne's or Ken Miller's work? Or
> books like Keith Miller's "Perspectives on an Evolving Creation"?
> Those
> would provide different perspectives.
> I know that YECs have often pointed out that officially atheist
> nations
> like the former U.S.S.R. or China utilize evolution as a foundational
> "doctrine" for their "atheology". Given that national approach in
> those
> countries, perhaps we've not yet seen anything like the entrenched
> warfare mentality that might be inextricably bound up with emerging
> Christianity there. Anybody know if this is how it is playing out
> there?
> I'm also curious about the Hindi take on origins in India since I know
> nothing about Hinduism.
> --Merv
> > Author: Duomai
> > Comment:
> > @ 61,
> >
> > I work as a staff of IFES India (sister org of Inter Varsity). I
> studied Science in schools then shifted to humanities. Every week
> I find students ask me questions on this subject. And though I am
> not expert in science I have spent over hundred of hours trying to
> understand the issue because of the need. We have literatures by
> Dawkins, Dennet et al in the library. And our Christian bookshops
> has literatures by YEC. And since this 'battle' has gone far far
> beyond America I think it's important for trained scientist and
> trained theologians to speak on the issue.
> >
> > See all comments on this post here:
> >
> >
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