[asa] warfare mentality in the far east?

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Date: Thu Mar 20 2008 - 10:27:05 EDT

I posted this on the Jesus Creed site, but wanted to see if anyone here
had insights as well. (Also -- I need to broaden the number of authors
I have off the top of my head to recommend in such situations. I'm sure
a long list could have been given.) The post I responded to is pasted
below my response.

Mr. Duomai (#71) It's a bit alarming, though I guess not surprising, to
think that the warfare camps may have a wider dissemination of their
literature internationally than those with differing approaches. Do
your libraries have any of Polkinghorne's or Ken Miller's work? Or
books like Keith Miller's "Perspectives on an Evolving Creation"? Those
would provide different perspectives.

I know that YECs have often pointed out that officially atheist nations
like the former U.S.S.R. or China utilize evolution as a foundational
"doctrine" for their "atheology". Given that national approach in those
countries, perhaps we've not yet seen anything like the entrenched
warfare mentality that might be inextricably bound up with emerging
Christianity there. Anybody know if this is how it is playing out there?

I'm also curious about the Hindi take on origins in India since I know
nothing about Hinduism.

> Author: Duomai
> Comment:
> @ 61,
> I work as a staff of IFES India (sister org of Inter Varsity). I studied Science in schools then shifted to humanities. Every week I find students ask me questions on this subject. And though I am not expert in science I have spent over hundred of hours trying to understand the issue because of the need. We have literatures by Dawkins, Dennet et al in the library. And our Christian bookshops has literatures by YEC. And since this 'battle' has gone far far beyond America I think it's important for trained scientist and trained theologians to speak on the issue.
> See all comments on this post here:
> http://www.jesuscreed.org/?p=3556#comments

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