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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Tue Mar 18 2008 - 13:56:07 EDT

A lot could be said about this but I'll just point out that it shows (once again) the dangers inherent in the notion that people can be pastors or teachers in the church just because they think they've been called to do so. While the "inner call" is important, it is (except in emergency situations) the "outer call" that's crucial.

I'll also note that calling Jesus' summary of the law (which in fact was pretty standard) "The Jesus Creed" is unfortunate. Lex semper accusat.

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  Of possible interest for possible response: A pastor of a small house church asks for advice on Scot McKnight's blog about how to handle a militant YEC member. Perhaps some folks here with similar experiences could offer some advice:

  This may seem a little silly, but lots of different kinds of people in lots of different roles read that site. This sort of thing could be a useful role for ASA members with a pastoral heart.

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