Re: [asa] Evolution, theodicy & trinity

From: Merv <>
Date: Mon Mar 17 2008 - 18:59:50 EDT

Ted Davis wrote:
> The context is eschatology, which Russell believes holds out the only
> adequate response to the problem of suffering. He notes that a satisfactory
> eschatological vision "must include the redemption of all life in the
> universe," and goes on to say that it must be trinitarian "since it is the
> trinitarian God who will act to bring this about as we know based on the
> revelation of the cross and resurrection of Jesus. Thus the involuntary
> suffering of all of nature--each species and each individual creature--must
> be taken up into the voluntary suffering of Christ on the cross
> (theopassionism) and through it the voluntary suffering of the Father
> (patripassionism)."
> I'm not convinced myself that all living things are necessarily part of
> this, although they might be (that's an issue I will bracket here), but I am
> convinced that a conception like this is what is needed to respond
> adequately to theodicy.
Does this include, then, something like universalism (all will be
saved)? I've heard verses like those "Every knee will bow..." used to
defend that, but it still seems like such a view requires too selective
a view of Scriptures to be easily brought within the pale of orthodoxy.
(as much as I'd like to believe it myself... there is always that
little matter of truth...and whichever way it actually is, I wish to


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