[asa] Want to be on TV? (Now avail. with Dick Fischer and George Murphy)

From: Dehler, Bernie <bernie.dehler@intel.com>
Date: Mon Mar 17 2008 - 16:46:14 EDT

Here's the show we did (free online viewing):



It is about 1 hr. Title: "Was Adam a Real Person?"


I don't know if I'll update it-I noticed two errors:

1. One time Dick was talking and it was labeled as George

2. Near the end I have slides about "worldview" but they didn't all
appear and were out of order. (I don't know yet if the source is that
way or if the DivX file conversion messed it up.) I'll put better
versions on YouTube and GodTube and on local TV (Portland Oregon area).





From: Dehler, Bernie
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Subject: Want to be on TV?


Hi all-


 I plan to make a few videos. I plan to show them on community access
TV in the Portland OR area, and on my website, www.FreeGoodNews.com
<http://www.freegoodnews.com/> ; and on Google video and YouTube.


 Topics will be on evolution/creation and the Bible.


 I'm currently looking for two guests to discuss the following question:


 "In light of conflicts between modern science and a literal Bible
reading regarding the length of human history, was Adam a real,
historical man?"


 They will be interviewed over the phone. Date of recording is TBD and


 It will have the look and feel of these previous video's I made:








I'll give it a week to see what kind of people are interested. I want
them to be a Christian (for an in-house debate). I hope to make a few
videos, so if you volunteer but aren't selected, there may be a next
time chance... I'd like to get different people for more variety.


My first preference is someone who does this topic for a ministry. Next
preference is for someone with good credentials (Ph.D., M.Div., etc).
Finally, any Christian who has knowledge and is passionate about the


-- Feel free to forward this to others.

-- Don't bother recommending other people-for now, I don't want to spend
time tracking someone down.

-- Don't change the subject line of the email as I filter emails based
on it.

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