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1st, I do have something upon which to pose the question as to whether
or not the Akkadians had knowledge of the pre-incarnate Christ and the
Holy Spirit. We have the words of the Akkadians themselves. Did not
the Akkadian "ilu" follow as El in Hebrew and Allah in Islam? Is He not
the father-god in heaven who is more remote to humankind? Are not
Christ and the Holy Spirit the operative deities among us just as Ea and
Enlil were to the Akkadians? Were the Akkadians not also in the Adamic
generations? Do you have evidence they knew about quantum mechanics or
2nd, the doctrine of the Trinity is specifically about God in three
separate, individual personalities. Even had the Akkadians believed
exactly that how would they have expressed it in their primitive
3rd, God revealed himself to Adam, Cain, Enoch, Noah and Abraham before
Jacob (Israel) was born.
4th, largely I agree except to say that if the Adamic generations
actually lived in this region prior to Abraham, why would it be
unthinkable that He revealed himself then in the same way much as today.
Plus, you have to chalk it up to some remarkable coincidence that there
is such a similarity. No other similarity exists in other parts of the
world. Not that you can't find three gods elsewhere, but not with these
similarities and we are talking about the same people - Adamites were
known as Akkadians, Akkadians were also Adamites.
Yours faithfully,
Dick Fischer. author, lecturer
Historical Genesis from Adam to Abraham
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1st, you are the one who has nothing on which to base your claim, as you
virtually admit when you have to fall back on "who is to say?" "Who is
to say" that the Akkadians didn't know about quantum mechanics or play
2d, the doctrine of the Trinity is not about "three gods." That in
itself rules out claims for the Akkadians, Kelts &c.
3d, we have to admit the logical possibility that the logos asarkos, the
unfleshed Word, was revealed to some people before the Incarnation. But
there are at best, as I said earlier, only hints of this in the OT,
among the people to whom God had most clearly revealed himself before
Jesus. & there is even less in the OT about any threefold character of
God. The idea that the Trinity was revealed to some other people (even
those who were supposedly "Hebrews in waiting") but not to the people of
Israel contradicts statements in the OT that God has revealed Godself
pre-eminently to Israel.
4th, Christian understanding of the Trinity began with the economic
Trinity - i.e., God's action as Father, Son and Spirit in relation to
the world. Belief in the immanent Trinity - i.e., the threefold
character of God within the divine life - developed from that. We know
only as much about that inner life of God as God reveals to us, and that
revelation is found in the economic Trinity. (N.B., I am not saying
that there are two different Trinities.) The notion that the ancient
Akkadians knew about the Trinity without knowing about Jesus runs
counter to what we in fact know about the way God has revealed Godself.

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