Re: [asa] Why couldn't you write your d*mn book more clearly?

From: George L. <>
Date: Thu Mar 13 2008 - 11:26:14 EDT

Yes - hence my parenthetical qualification in the 1st sentence.


> > > That is a good point, but I dont know how much any of that matters when we are talking about a deranged mind.  I dont know for sure if this person was diagnosed with a mental illness, but it is certainly possible that someone's thinking could be so disorganized that any guidance or instruction would not make any difference. > > > > On Thu Mar 13 8:03 , "George Murphy" sent: > > > > > > One thing that this points to (certainly not the only thing & perhaps not the most important) is the limits of private interpretation of the Bible.  I don't know the history but I wonder if in his trying to "read your stupid book" he sought the guidance of Christians who were more knowledgeable about it & about the church's traditions of interpreting & understanding it.  The notion that everyone is supposed to be able to read the Bible on his/her own without any connection with, or responsibility to, the Christian community is "protestant principle" run amuck & can lead to all kinds of strange beliefs & behaviors. >   > Shalom > George > > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: John Walley > To: 'ASA' > Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 9:28 PM > Subject: [asa] Why couldn't you write your d*mn book more clearly? > > >   > > This is chilling but I think it shows why a hermeneutic about the Bible that makes sense is so desperately needed... >   >  John  >   >   > Church Gunman's Letter Shows Him Angry, Confused About God > >   > DENVER -- Sometime before his deadly rampage at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, gunman Matthew Murray penned a letter addressed to God in which he poured out his frustration and confusion over his faith and ranted about the hypocrisy of Christians. > Colorado Springs police discovered the letter in Murray's 1992 Toyota Camry, which was found parked outside the New Life Church on the day of the shootings. CALL7 Investigators obtained a copy of the letter on Wednesday, hours after Colorado Springs police released its official 450-plus page report on the shootings. > > > The expletive-laced letter addressed "To God" begins, "What have I done so wrong? What is wrong with me anyways? Am I really such a bad person?" > The one and half page later is primarily Murray asking questions of God. > "I didn't even ask to be born. Jesus, where are you? Do you even care these days ?... Why didn't you ever answer my cries for help? Why do I have to be hurt by so many Christians?" he asked. > In several sentences, Murray spews insults at God, using an epithet for female anatomy, and asks, "Why couldn't you write your d * mn book more clearly? > "The more I read your stupid book, the more I pray, the more I reach out to Christians for help the more hurt and abused I get," he wrote. > "I've heard good things about what Jesus can do, yet everywhere I go in Christianity, all the Christians I see or meet are miserable, angry, selfish, hypocritical, proud, power hungry, abusive, uncaring, confused, lustful, greedy, unsure of their doctrine and mean-spirited ... Am I too lost to be saved? My soul cries for deliverance. I'm dieing (sp), praying, bleeding and screaming. Will I be denied???" > On Dec. 9, 2007, Murray shot and killed two people at the Youth With A Mission Center in Arvada then hours later went to Colorado Springs and opened fire at the New Life Church, killing two more people. Murray was shot several times by a security guard before he aimed a gun at his head and killed himself. >

George L. Murphy
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