RE: [asa] Why couldn't you write your d*mn book more clearly?

From: John Walley <>
Date: Thu Mar 13 2008 - 08:29:25 EDT

I agree with you wholeheartedly on this one and this same conclusion has
been my key takeaway from my recent OEC-TE journey. The church needs more of
an emphasis on what are reasonable and allowable interpretations of the
Bible (after getting it right first of course) and that would diffuse a lot
of this "private interpretation" nonsense that leads to this disaster and
I think we need the office of the Majesterium restored to the church and
that was one unfortunate casualty of the Reformation and we are suffering as
a result of it. Ironically, I think the closest thing that I have found that
approaches this function in the church today is this list. There may be
better examples out there cloistered away in church hierarchy somewhere but
not easily accessible to the general seeking public to my knowledge.
Today's Protestantism is afflicted with the intellectual equivalent of moral
relativism in our culture. We have intellectual or spiritual relativism
where every idea is equal including YEC and it is politically incorrect and
unacceptable to correct it. This denies the truth that there is an absolute
right and wrong and that we should have it or be looking for it and have a
way to know it when we do find it.
I think it will take a removal of all the complicit pastors from their roles
and it will take a new generation of leadership in the church but I am
hopeful that we will see it soon as I feel that is what the Holy Spirit is
trying to do.

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One thing that this points to (certainly not the only thing & perhaps not
the most important) is the limits of private interpretation of the Bible. I
don't know the history but I wonder if in his trying to "read your stupid
book" he sought the guidance of Christians who were more knowledgeable about
it & about the church's traditions of interpreting & understanding it. The
notion that everyone is supposed to be able to read the Bible on his/her own
without any connection with, or responsibility to, the Christian community
is "protestant principle" run amuck & can lead to all kinds of strange
beliefs & behaviors.

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This is chilling but I think it shows why a hermeneutic about the Bible that
makes sense is so desperately needed...
Church Gunman's Letter Shows Him Angry, Confused About God
DENVER -- Sometime before his deadly rampage at the New Life Church in
Colorado Springs, gunman Matthew Murray penned a letter addressed to God in
which he poured out his frustration and confusion over his faith and ranted
about the hypocrisy of Christians.

Colorado Springs police discovered the letter in Murray's 1992 Toyota Camry,
which was found parked outside the New Life Church on the day of the
shootings. CALL7 Investigators obtained a copy of the letter on Wednesday,
hours after Colorado Springs police released its official 450-plus page
report on the shootings.

The expletive-laced letter addressed "To God" begins, "What have I done so
wrong? What is wrong with me anyways? Am I really such a bad person?"

The one and half page later is primarily Murray asking questions of God.

"I didn't even ask to be born. Jesus, where are you? Do you even care these
days ?... Why didn't you ever answer my cries for help? Why do I have to be
hurt by so many Christians?" he asked.

In several sentences, Murray spews insults at God, using an epithet for
female anatomy, and asks, "Why couldn't you write your d * mn book more

"The more I read your stupid book, the more I pray, the more I reach out to
Christians for help the more hurt and abused I get," he wrote.

"I've heard good things about what Jesus can do, yet everywhere I go in
Christianity, all the Christians I see or meet are miserable, angry,
selfish, hypocritical, proud, power hungry, abusive, uncaring, confused,
lustful, greedy, unsure of their doctrine and mean-spirited ... Am I too
lost to be saved? My soul cries for deliverance. I'm dieing (sp), praying,
bleeding and screaming. Will I be denied???"

On Dec. 9, 2007, Murray shot and killed two people at the Youth With A
Mission Center in Arvada then hours later went to Colorado Springs and
opened fire at the New Life Church, killing two more people. Murray was shot
several times by a security guard before he aimed a gun at his head and
killed himself.

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