Re: [asa] eternal universe in Aquinas' time?

From: Merv <>
Date: Tue Mar 11 2008 - 22:44:16 EDT

Actually -- we weren't that deep into any pre-calc lesson regarding
anything like infinite geometric sequences. It was more of an aside in
an otherwise elementary lesson of percentage & business math. My
"smile of submission" was not one meaning "you've stumped me and now I
must reconsider" --it was my quick weighing of priorities in the earnest
face of a young woman who (in all seeming seriousness) expressed a
conviction back to me, not as an opening for a debate, but to inform me
that this matter is closed. And I respected her decision. --indeed not
taking the matter too seriously myself. I agree that eternity &
something so mundane as mathematical infinities should not be lightly

Thanks, Ted, for your insight and many details regarding the 'eternal
earth' topic. That went into my 'special posts' folder for later
reference. It sounded unlikely to me which is why I wanted the scoop
from all of you.

It is heartening to see how discussions are staying more or less civil
in places like the 'Jesus Creed' blog. And judging by the repeated
affirmations of those that land there, civil discussions over all this
must still be a rare find on the web.


Don Nield wrote:
> As a mathematics educator, I would like to see Merv teach his niece
> the difference between infinite and eternal. :-)
> Perhaps a gentle step would be to consider 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, ...
> and then 1/2+1/4+1/8+1/16+ .... on a number line. At some stage one
> could reach 0.3+0.03+0.003+0.0003+...
> There is no need to submit. :-)
> Don
> wrote:
>> --Merv
>> p.s. said to my niece as I was giving her a math lesson: "
>> there are an
>> infinite amount of threes needed after the decimal point before it
>> can equal 1/3
>> since it can only approach 1/3. So in a sense .3 repeating forever =
>> 1/3" Her
>> immediate reply: "No they don't. Because if the threes went on
>> forever, then you're claiming something besides God is infinite; and
>> only God is eternal."
>> Never having had theology trump a math lesson before, I smiled in
>> submission and
>> thought it best to resume practice with percentages.

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